Miragen Pharmaceuticals

Miragen Medical Branding


During my time in Westchester, New York I came across several acquaintances looking to begin a business. After meeting several friends I ran into a client looking for branding for a pharmaceutical company he wished to start. Early in my experience, I chose to assist him by creating some branding of the company.

In starting the project I knew what I had learn from college. My first thought was how to display the name of the business unlike any other in Westchester. I began with illustrations of various medical symbols. Over the course of drawing page after page it occurred to me to focus on the body rather than just the science.


DNA from Jurassic Park

After days of drawing on to paper I knew the design needed something to have a personal touch. During the design process I remembered this cartoon character from a Jurassic Park presentation about DNA. The idea of using chemistry and DNA molecules as circles in a line stuck with me. Eventually I used this as a reference of the logo’s main symbol.

In order to preserve the logo so it maybe used professionally I enclosed the DNA illustration with a white background. This allowed the design to be used on various material without risk of color problems. Finally using sans-serif typefaces of a thin and bold weight provided a style to present to my client. The goal was to maintain it’s appearance as a medical business so of course the color blue was chosen for the branding.


Since this was one of my first professional branding projects I knew I needed more than just a drawing. In the next stage I used Adobe Illustrator to all styling choices together. The logo was created in a vector format for easy delivery to the client for his use. One final touch was adding different display designs of the brand for the client to understand the possible uses of the logo.