Web Mockup

Local Advertising Website


In early 2015 the Worldnow local direct advertising team appeared to have come across repeated questioning in regards to our product. Most of the questions were is relation to the programs offered and procedures for completion. Since Worldnow’s resources were limited, our small production team had issues maintaining daily support with the quantity of creatives to deliver. Our goal was to reduce this reactive form of communication with our clients and become more productive for deliverables.



Using our program’s Regional Sales Managers, our team was able to collect regular feedback from Account Executives, Digital Sales Managers and some time General Managers. Advertisers also provided input from their own personal expectations of the production process.

Over the course of months our local advertising team took reports from our sales teams and realized a solution was needed. The first step was to design a new local advertising website for Worldnow. The Website would provide a single location for all communication, services and resources for all the markets we worked with. To design the site within our production schedule committed several hours a week for this task. Tasks such as interface design, front-end coding and WordPress manipulation.



After a several weeks a website for the local adverting team was created. Using the collected feedback available, a prototype of a responsive web design website was built for our supervisors to review. The prototype was available for a few months until another acquired the company. All the domains associated with Worldnow were removed without consent of our team.