Local Advertising Cancelation Email

Local Advertising Cancelation Email

Cancelation User Experience


After months on a local advertising campaign there comes a time with an advertiser wishes to cancel. Our goal has always been to provide the best user experience for our broadcasting clients. So when it came to assisting an advertiser we wanted to make it more about a return rather than an exit of our campaign.  In this task I created the user experience for all the members involved including the WMPlus production team.

The first half of the UX concept was to provide information regularly of the advertisers activity through quarterly newsletters. The newsletters would contain details based Google Analytics of the advertisers for our broadcast affiliates to improve on their campaign strategies.

The second half of the UX concept illustrated the process of a cancelation. At this point our WMPlus team would cancel the requested microsite from a campaign and then provide the analytic results based on their total time on the campaign. We would also email information for feedback and other contact information.

Cancelation Wireframe (Low Fidelity)

cancelation-lofi-1cancelation-lofi-2Next came the basic wireframe of the email to understand the user experience. In order to get the layout visualized I used Abode Illustrator to create a low fidelity mock up of the design. The latest news would be listed with the collected data of the advertisers progress on the campaign. It was essential the client receive this data for future campaigns.

Included are the monthly resources for our campaign services under the WMPlus team. The resources would range from our production process, CMS training and the submission of changes. Communication tends to become difficult in different advertising markets.

A user experience solution in the first mockup featured the social media links for the WMPlus team. After a couple meetings with the team I began to reduce the amount of information. We came to the conclusion a minimalist style was needed in order to prevent confusion to the advertisers in various markets.

In the second low fidelity mockup the email layout was revised to include the text to the client.  The text was composed from a team members written copy and the code needed for our CRM (Salesforce) to insert details based on a specific project. Since Salesforce was the tool used by the WMPlus team; it was decided we use it for consistency when it came to the microsite projects.

Cancelation Final Layout (High Fidelity)

Cancellation-HiFi-1Cancellation-HiFi-finalThe high fidelity design of the email fine tuned the layout even further. After several meetings the decision was made to omit the graphics and social media. While the first layout was created to provide more detail a majority of the team felt the final outcome was cleaner.

In closing the email we also chose thank the advertiser for their commitment to the campaign. In the final paragraph at the bottom of the email the WMPlus team adds our gratitude. After several weeks of collaboration with the team we all felt the email would ultimately be within Saleforce for our while team to easily distribute.

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