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While at Worldnow I became part of their local advertising program for several years. The program relied on landing pages full of local advertisers with individual microsites. The team replied on the companies CMS to produce all the pages and fill them with related content provided by the advertiser.

In 2013 our team went through a restructuring of the product. Using an alternative CMS we were able to adapt the program for a mobile audience. User experience became the step in the new product design process. We knew a mobile audience needed faster information access so they may engage the advertiser. Personas’ and flow charts were created in order to map out a strategy of the new design.


In 2013 we designed a new user interface based on the resources available. Using a front end coding trick I was able to get import the style sheets using Javascript. This work around was needed because of a constraint the CMS our team had to use. Once the CSS was able to come into the site our freedom to design really began.

First the headers had to be customized for every market. Through the use of images and responsive web design, the landing pages were able to add heading graphics to the top of the page. Next came the advertisers, each one was included to show their logos and a brief summary of their business. Each card on the page lead straight to the microsite of the advertiser.

On the microsite we had the minimize the about of design for a speedy production. Templates were made using HTML and Javascripts so all our production team had to do was replace the content. An average production build of a microsite only took an artist around 4-5 hours of work based the assets provided. Everything was customizable but created restrictions to prevent clients from breaking the sites themselves.


The programs became successful for Worldnow. In 2015 the company was acquired by Frankly Inc. who still maintain the programs in a reduced capacity. The success of the programs are still in use today averaging close to a million in revenue for the past couple of years. Below are examples of live landing pages and microsites using the design.

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