Digital Dumbo Creative Capital for July 2015

Brooklyn Live Event

Digital Dumbo Creative Capital for July 2015

The Wizastudios team took another adventure in the streets on New York City yesterday with a visit to Dumbo, Brooklyn. This wasn’t just for the amazing pizza and specular view of the bridge. This time we attended a Digital Dumbo live event sponsored by Vitamin Waters #hydratethehustle marketing campaign. If  you’re not familiar with Digital Dumbo then get your Eventbrite accounts set up for regular their next event. Every time we visit this is a huge turn out of start up companies, developers and capitalist looking to be a part of the next technology trend.

Content Creators Rule

We only stayed for a short time but from what was presented Wizastudios was interested to discover more. One of the first companies was Mixcloud with a great preview of their music platform. Unlike Spotify or Apple Radio the Mixcloud platform is really the under dog providing musical content creators an alternative of exposing their music. In the video there is a brief example of Mixcloud’s views on content curation relative to the top technology brand in the current market. Following them was with a new crowdfunding platform. Instead of building up finances with a fix contribution amount; users can now tip digitally for content they feel is worth experiencing. With just a few clicks a fan can support and artist trying to get their music hear or videos seen. Finally was content sharing platform. Unlike Youtube or Vimeo video content with VHX is set by the content creator from branding to pricing. While a creator makes an amount set up by google on Youtube the VHX platform allows content creators to make their own prices to their audience. In a sense by getting the funds directly from the fans a creator can make more money to produce more content.

Now the Wizastudios team is also venturing into the video production and motion design realm. In our own campaign through we are looking to create an original web series with behind the scenes videos for a web audience. The power of distribution has never been at a level as it is in 2015. These three branded platforms had great appeal to us and we look forward to working with them soon.




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