On The Run Tour | Juicy J | Drake VS Lil Wayne | Concerts

On The Run Tour | Juicy J | Drake VS Lil Wayne | Concerts

On The Run Tour - Jay-Z & Beyonce

The first concert I’m going to share with my fellow Hip Hop lovers and Yonkers natives has to be the On The Run Tour in San Francisco’s AT&T Stadium. If any one knows me then they know why this first had to be first. I’m a huge Jay-z fan from Reasonable Doubt to  The Magna Carta: Holy Gail. When it came to see him once again I took advantage of the situation. What fan wouldn’t want to see their favorite artist in another arena/venue on a totally different coast of America.

Now I had vacation time approaching so while making plans to visit San Francisco I discovered Jay-Z and his wifey Beyonce will be have the On The Run Tour there at the same time. First thing I did was order the tickets off ticketmaster even before ordering my flight tickets. The thrill and excitement made the experience worth while since I had no idea what to do in San Fran by myself.

When the day came on August 5th the only thing I could think of was making it before it started. I ran to my hotel room to freshen up, toss on my warmest clothes I could find ( because summers are cold in San Fran) and then Ubered to the location. The Uber was a bit higher than normal because of the event but I couldn’t afford to miss the whole thing. Lucky enough I was exploring the area the day before to become familiar with the area.

Once I entered the stadium I have to say it was a change from my norm. In New York people would be flooding the halls to reach their seats while drinking up or down the stairs. Instead this was a laid back atmosphere in the middle of the baseball field. There were a few interesting people around me but very few to ruin my view of the event.

The theme of the concert was this Bonnie and Clyde style action drama short film. The footage tied into the elements of the concert music as well making the experience more like watching movie. Hit after hit on stage between these two major performers carried into the air filling San Francisco with epic beats for generations to enjoy.


Juicy J at Ruby Skye

Now in August of 2014 I was still in my west coast vacation exploring the city of San Francisco. I discovered how much of a tech city is was with everyone either associated with a major technology brand or trying to get discovered by one. After learning about the benefits of the Uber App I took advantage of another app to discover the activates in San Fran.

When I opened Eventbrite there were endless planned events in the area of my hotel. One of these was a concert meet & greet with Juicy J.  If you’re not a hip hop lover I could see why this wouldn’t effect you but if you are then you know his music. As a part of the Three 6 Mafia rap duo Juicy J went solo a couple year ago. One of this major hits was “Band Will Make Them Dance” which pushed him into super stardom.

When I realized I could watch his concert and meet the man I bought the ticket. I previously explored Ruby Skye  as a location and really enjoyed the vibe of the place. When the day came for the concert I knew all I needed to know for a great experience. I arrived the moment the doors opened to get a front row view with my iPhone 5S fully charged. Surrounded by young people I realized the 21+ crowd was on the upper level getting drinks but missing on the real view.

When the show started Juicy J opened up to the crowd with high energy & swagger. Each young pushy college kid forcing themselves to the front for closer look. Even with all their hard work I was able to get the best view in the house. I decided to share this with the world and my Wizastudios followers.


Drake VS Lil Wayne

Early in the summer I came across a random Ticketmaster post for the Drake VS Lil Wayne Tour. Now at the time I assumed the concert pasted New Your City but I figured to find out any way. To my delight there was one scheduled for Forest Hils, NY on August 16th 2014. Now to be honest I have never explored this area of NYC but I enjoyed it. It reminded me of areas of Westchester, NY where people can have families and enjoy the quiet life.

That was all going to change this day. A horde of young people getting out of cars and trains stations flooded the streets. Their feet directed towards this closed off tennis court with only a single entrance and security. When a Hip Hop concert is at a large venue the NYPD is sure to follow for safety. I’m assuming because of the neighborhood but I swear I saw 100 police officers in all kinds of gear. From the traffic ticket writing cops to the horseback patrolmen all walking up and down the street.

I was meeting with a few friends that live in Queens and we decided to get a slice of New York pizza before heading in. Upon entering we could see the large crowd bunched into narrow paths. Under the summer heat you could smell warm beer & weed smoke in the air. Lucky enough my friends and I had numbered seats because when we got in a group actually tried to sit in our seats. Sure enough they moved when they saw a larger Puerto Rican rolling up saying “Excuse Me”.

Once the sun started the go down the light came on. Hip Hop filled the air with Young Money classics. Eventually after an hour of dancing and grooving to old music we were blessed with the presence of Drake and Lil Wayne.  The concert was set up in a Street Fighter style battle of lyrical supremacy. These two artist shared hit after hit with the crowd inducing a roar of screams between beats.

I took the time to record as much as I could that day. Using my iPhone 5S I was able to get great quality video from our seats. This post is to share that moment in time with the world of Hip Hop and Wizastudios fans.

** WATCH THE VIDEO AND SHARE ** – Any exposure will lead to more concerts and more events around America.

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