May The Force | Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

May The Force | Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

May The Force Be With You

WOW, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In the summer of 1977 (a long time ago)  a science fiction film was released that changed cinema for ever. This ground breaking film brought the world visual effects and space drama into popular culture. Thats right, that film was just STAR WARS to us only folk. At the time I don’t think the studios or the fans had a concept of how huge of a film this will have on the culture for generations to come.

After several sequels and debatable prequels the time has come again to reinvent the franchise. Thanks to the marvelous executives at Disney (get it?..marvelous) they have brought us the beginning of a whole new series of Star Wars films. The new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer has been released just in time for Thanksgiving 2014.

A New Cast

The-Force-Awakens-John-Boyega-wizastudiosThe first face introduced to us in the trailer is John Boyega dressed as a Stormtrooper in what appears to be a moment of confusion for his character. The beauty about this is little is know about the new cast. Rumors claim Boyega is playing a Stormtrooper turning Jedi. Does this mean the Star Wars universe will have it’s first Black lead? He is well experienced for a young actor and I have high hopes for him mastering The Force.

My Question here, is this Tatooine? Talk about full circle.

The-Force-Awakens-Daisy-Ridley-wizastudios Next up is Daisy Ridley. From a few television roles there is little from this young actresses. If Disney, Lucafilms & JJ Abrams felt she was a perfect person to be in the picture then I’ll roll with it. So far we get a quick look at her on some kind of Speeder riding across the desert in a hurry.  Rumors also claim he is playing a Solo. Thats right people, Leia and Han had a few kids. Daisy is apparently Jaina Solo or Kira Solo (Maybe a new character)

We don’t know if they will share the same stories as the Extended Universe but in my opinion I say DON’T. I know there are those material loyalist out there who want everything exactly as a book or comic but I enjoy the idea of not knowing what’s going to happen in a story. The Walking Dead plays with this all the time when characters people know have story arcs shift from the source material. As long as you stay true to who the character is suppose to be then it will work out.

I hope we get some sexual tension that us better than Anakin & Padme this time.


The one mysterious person in the teaser so far was this figure. I’m going to take a guess and assume it’s Adam Driver as a Dark Jedi (or Sith). All we see is this hooded figure walking in the dark woods and lights up a lightsaber. This lightsaber in my opinion appears more like an old broadsword crossed at the hilt. I bet it’s excellent for more defense techniques.

Now, I rather go with Dark jedi here because as far as we know the Sith are extinct. The Emperor was the last and if there were any others I would assume they would have been allies with him to double cross him later. Darth Vader apparently has had apprentices but nothing official in the SWCU (Star Wars Cinematic Universe). There was once a time with the Jedi began to discover the Dark Side for enlightenment and those students became The Sith. I’d like this think this new villain will be powerful enough to inspire new Force techniques & amazing battle sequences.

What The Falcon?

Nerdgasm Time

The final shot of the teaser is the reveal of the Millennium Falcon. I have to say my inner child was screaming when I saw this part. The Falcon is an icon of the Star Wars franchise. From the moment we saw this hunk of junk take off out of Tatooine fans were transporter to a galaxy far far away. It is the perfect story telling device for the films. Seeing the Millennium Falcon zip and zoom by while dodge a couple of tie fighters proves it still has it. Knowing JJ Abrams brought it back into all it’s glory will make this a new epic for a new & old generation.

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