A Look Back At Our Independence Day

A Look Back At Our Independence Day

Happy Birthday America

Its that time of the year again. People are Barbecuing with family, enjoy a sunny beach day or my personal favorite; going to the movies. Every summer I love going to the movies to enjoy the booming visual effects and scare my dates with some creepy creature on the screen. Eighteen years ago ( now I feel old), the summer blockbuster I loved as a teenager was Independence Day.  I mean this film had it all for a 1996 action scifi.

The greatest moment may have to be “the speech”. Sure it was about Aliens but Bill Pullman’s speech may go under one of the greatest speeches in film history. When I first saw the film in the movies at the age of 15 years old and hear this epic speech I actually cheered for the good guys. Now I’ve never cared much for politics but if my President of the United States can lead against an Alien invasion in a fligher jet then I may re-elect that guy.

Before we had everything computer generated ID4 still used practical effects mixed with models. When you saw the White House get blown up it was’t a 5 million pixeled generated model. It was this real construction of plastics and foams blown up by a pyrotechnics expert in a closed set. Months of hard work was placed into every frame.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the CGI today. My inner child just loves to watch this film every 4th of July to enjoy the purity of the time era’s technology and the  early humor of Will Smith’s career. In order to share my love for this movie on America’s birthday let’s all take a look at the behind the scenes footage from the 90’s.

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