LinkNYC – New York’s own Wi-Fi Network

LinkNYC – New York’s own Wi-Fi Network

Hey smart phone lovers, it appear NYC is giving us a break with our paid networks. If you haven’t heard New York City begun to establish a communications network of municipal Wi-Fi. According to the LinkNYC network will be funded by advertising revenue causing no cost to taxpayers. They estimate this project will produce $500 million in revenue for the city.

LinkNYC-FeatureDiagramLinks are iconically designed connection points that
house state-of-the-art wireless technology, interactive
systems and digital advertising displays. Each ADA
compliant Link structure will provide:

• 24/7 free Internet access with up to gigabit speeds
• Free phone calls anywhere in the U.S.
• A touchscreen tablet interface to access City services,
directions and more
• Easy access to 911 and 311
• Free charging station for your mobile devices
• Digital displays for advertising and public service

Members to the project include:

  • Titan
  • Control Group
  • Qualcomm, Inc.
  • Comark

I see a lot of potential for advertisers to us this in New York. If you’re like me then running to your local  Starbucks will no longer be needed to send international images or check your tweet status.

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