Guardians of the Galaxy | Movie Title Art

Guardians of the Galaxy | Movie Title Art

More Than Motion

Hey team, normally I would show a title sequence for Title Tuesday but until the release of the film it’s pretty hard to find. Maybe in a future posts we will review a Guardians of the Galaxy title sequence. Instead we’re going to take a look at the awesome poster work for the films campaign.

It turns out Marvel wanted to show off a few new posters for the film release last week at SDCC.  What I loved the most wasn’t the heroes but the villains. If you have been keeping up with the film then you would know that Karen Gilian is in the film and being a huge fan of hers I love the way they make her as Nebula.

The fact the new series focused on the Villains as well as added more appeal to the film for me. Look below and share this post with your friends. Thursday we will continue with Design Thursday.

One amazing video we found was for a motion poster. With social media & viral marketing the idea of motion graphics being used as motion posters for the web is a huge appeal (above).

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