Guardians of the Galaxy | A History Lesson

Guardians of the Galaxy | A History Lesson


This friday is the release of Guardians of the Galaxy and if you’re a Marvel geek then you’re excited as I am. Now I have to confess that I’m not familiar with the comic series. Like many running to the theaters this summer I will be the one of them curious to know more about this group of heros. For me it was always about the X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and many other popular Marvel groups. Most the appeal was in the art work and stunning visuals alone.

In order to share with our fans out there we at Wizastudios wanted to help hype up this picture this week with a themed series of posts. Everything will kick off with Motion Monday as we shared this video of the History of GOTG. If you’re anything like me then this maybe of interest to share with your friends before hitting the theaters seats this weekend.

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