Doctor Who | Last Christmas Review

Doctor Who | Last Christmas Review

Merry Christmas Whovians

HO HO HO, Whovians. There has a been a tradition in my house ever since I first saw the TARDIS open during the Christmas Invasion to reveal David Tennant as The Doctor . I saw Christmas trees spinning and The Doctor use his sonic screwdriver I realized this was another way to celebrate the holiday of Christmas. It wasn’t just the scifi action that caught my appeal but the British family traditions of the holiday. Once exposed to their love of Christmas I made it a annual tradition to share the same holiday spirit as they do with that blue box.

This year was going to be a bit different. Before the Christmas specials were between David Tennant or Matt Smith celebrating the holiday. This year will be the first special with Peter Capaldi bring us joy after dinner. Now I know there are Capaldi haters in this world since he took over the helm as The Doctor but I have to say it has been a new twist to me. Being a fan from the days it first aired in 2005 and even a few episodes from the Tom Baker era I learned that this man known as The Doctor will always be different. Every actor bring his own twist on who he should be but still maintains the essence of the character.

To me The Doctor is a selfless alien in a blue box that is never seeking trouble but always in a quest for adventure. Little is know of his history but WHO he is as a person is what makes him a hero to be loved. A generation has grown with him as younger man running down hall ways to save the girl. To me this has never been who he was. He is a smart mane, he is a caring man and he is a lonely man.

So when I see Peter Capaldi I think of these aspects of him when the man is on screen. This was the first Christmas with him and I felt it maybe a turning point for his version of the character. Maybe after today fans will accept a more willing Capaldi Doctor.

Santa Isn't Real

Ok a bit of a spoiler here but I was hoping Santa was going to be real (In The WHO universe). If you’re familiar with Nick Frost then you know how funny of an actor he can be. When he was casted as Santa Clause I was totally excited to see how DW explains Santa Clause. When he opens the story with Claira Oswald hearing him and his elves on the roof of her house I couldn’t help but feel joy. Christmas for every little boy & girl is hoping to run into the jolly man in the morning. The fact DW played on the fantasy of all children was a classic moment.

Even throughout the picture he made his presence known as Old Saint Nick by saving the day the way The Doctor usually would. I even think as one point he was a bit jealous of him stealing his moment to shine. In all fairness I understand in the plot of the special why he wasn’t. Its much like the way we wish to know The Doctors real name.

If we ever really found out, would they be every magical as we imagine them?

Merry Christmas Whovians

What I have mixed feelings about are the DREAM CRABS. Usually the villain or obstacle The Doctor has to face is meant to bring us closer together in joy of the holiday. These aliens did this but I felt they took elements from many sources to make them have meaning. One example are the “Alien” face huggers. The crabs mimicked the actions of the Face Huggers but instead of creating more aliens then just ate their victims. The induced dream state is was a cleaver change but felt more like a compromise.

Once dreaming it had an Inception vibe. I couldn’t determine if the world was real or not. The dream within a dream has been done before but to play on it from the beginning was a bit much to me. Even if these people were just dreaming is it hard for them to realize it that much? The Dream Crabs also didn’t attack until they were thought about. Does this mean all their victims eventually give into them? There were too many questions about them that didn’t seem rightfully answered.

Over all I enjoyed it

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Doctor Who: Last Christmas Trailer

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