Da Vinci’s Demons | Motion Monday | Florence’s Artist Comes to Life

Da Vinci’s Demons | Motion Monday | Florence’s Artist Comes to Life
I have to image the Renaissance was an amazing time for Florence, Italy. While men in rooms debated about their political positions there were people living, starving and loving. There were those who experienced all three know as the Artista or Artist as we lazy americans call them.
This week we’re going to look into the great Artista known as Leonardo Da Vinci. Instead of the real one, I’m going to review my thought about the Visual Effects of the series on STARZ created by David S. Goyer this week and the teams involved. I have to admit their work as inspired my interest in Motion and Title Sequences.

As a taste of what this series is about let’s take a look at a scene from the show. This is just a clip created by the team of Treat Studios where a few birds are flying free. Leonardo uses his brilliant mind and skills to record their flight for future studies and even a flying bird of his own.

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