Brad Pitt is producing the new Daniel H. Wilson film, Alpha

Brad Pitt is producing the new Daniel H. Wilson film, Alpha

Oh Brad

The latest Scifi news is Brad Pitt ( Yeah the guy from World War Z) has picked up the latest project from Robopocalypse best selling author Daniel H. Wilson. Current reports claim Brad will be using his PLAN B Entertainment production to create the film. Now this hasn’t been the first time Brad has produces a scifi film. While many of you are staring at the screen some of you may remember a few films the actor had created in the past with Plan B (Troy, Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2 and World War Z).

Daniel-H-Wilson-alpha-wizastudios-blog-thumbsThe most exciting part maybe from the author himself. Daniel H. Wilson has been getting attention in the scifi community for his robot themed novels such as Robopocalypse, Amped and the new Robogenesis. As a fan of scifi pictures I’m actually glad to see some fresh material to come out of Hollywood instead of another reboot. If Guardians of the Galaxy taught us anything is was that fresh blood was needed to draw in a larger audience. I’m not personally familiar with Wilson’s work but from what I can tell he appears to be a capable writer with a bit of a comic book flare to his material.

There were once reports of Steven Speilberg adapting the Robopocalypse book into a feature film. There hasn’t been much traction but I personally feel if they timed it right one film could compliment the other into a ROBO DOUBLE FEATURE. As a movie going I would enjoy the idea of seeing two robot films back to back that were well balanced in action & drama. Hell, Almost Human had plenty of potential for this futuristic series but of course FOX disappoints with all scifi TV shows on their network.

In addition to Wilson writing we are also getting  fresh director. Canadian new comer Anthony Scott Burns will be directing Alpha. Again, new blood is needed in Hollywood and the one aspect that appeals to me here is New Direction. VFX artist that turn director are very rare when it comes to success in the box office.

A pure example of this are The Strause Brothers who directed SKYLINE who made me want to kill myself. Here are Visual Effects artist who took the challenge to direct & produce their own feature film. I’m not going to go into the his epic trash of a film but after a movie like that I realized there had to be better directors to discover.

anthony-soctt-burns-alpha-wizastudios-blog-thumbsBurns appears to be a capable story teller with the camera as a medium. The Toronto based artist created & shared several short films on Vimeo (Pilotpriest) that are interesting. Some times fresh eyes are needed in the film industry but only if they truly understand the material they are creating for creativity as well as for their audience. I think this mix of Wilson and Burn could be a great one if production doesn’t get in the way too much.

So my message to Brad Pitt is let the artist enjoy being artist of the picture. They may actually surprise you with the talents that got them their recognition.

Manifold by Anthony Scott Burns

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