300: Rise Of An Empire | Ending Title Sequence

300: Rise Of An Empire | Ending Title Sequence

If you we’re awesome enough to check out our post yesterday then you would know this week is all about 300: Rise Of An Empire. Now I have no affiliation with the film in any way. All I know is that I liked it so much that I wanted to dedicate this whole week of Wizastudios to this sequel of a cinematic classic.

After watching the film this weekend I had to begin this themed week of posts. The main inspiration was the Ending Title Sequences of the movie. Thanks to the amazing support of Art of Title via twitter I had learned of the studio behind the sequence. The silhouette style CG animations in conjunction of the remixed Spartan version of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs made a massive impression on me after an epic story.

The Los Angles based Devastudios  used their amazing motion graphic experience to continue what they previously started from the first film. Blood splats, slow motion and grand scale of the title sequence reflects the film tone even at the end of the picture. Now I was unfamiliar with this studio until today and again I have to thank Art Of The Title for helping me find their website.


It was a bit hard to get their video but I tired my best for all my friends that share the love of motion graphics as I do.  Enjoy the video or head to their website for more the company. Once again this film has been an inspiration to our own goals at Wizastudios. Stay connected for the rest of the week as we continue to push social media like a Spartan at the Hot Gates.

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