300: Rise of An Empire | VFX & Filming Behind The Scenes |

300: Rise of An Empire | VFX & Filming Behind The Scenes |

If you went to the movies this weekend then you had to have seen 300: Rise Of An Empire. If you didn’t then may the old Gods bless you on you lifeless flesh bags (Just Kidding). After this exciting epic we’re going to break up 300 into three days this week. The first will be about the visual effects of the picture for Motion Mondays. Now if you never saw 300 then you’re not familiar with the manly story of 300 Spartans who fought off the horde of the Persian Empire. This was a tale known in Greek history as well as military combat history.  Several years back a great writer known as Frank Miller wrote a graphic novel of the brave 300 warriors who sacrifficed their lives during the Battle of Thermopylae.

This novel has been seen as one of Frank Miller’s greatest works. So much so the first 300 film was adapted into film with Zack Snyder in the directors seat. This brings us to it’s sequel now in theaters. You’re going to read from me all week about this movie because honestly I feel it deserves the attention. The amazing visual effects have taken what was ground breaking of 300 into the next level. We’re talking about CG zooms, digital blood, grand environments and finally more bodies the human eye can count. Enjoy the motion video below and the BTS footage making the movie possible. Also visit us tomorrow as we feature the ending titles of the film. Again an inspiration for Wizastudios.


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