300: Rise Of An Empire | Concept Artist – Dean Sherriff

300: Rise Of An Empire | Concept Artist – Dean Sherriff

Ah yes, Wizastudios is continuing our 300 themed series of blog posts with the Concept Art of 300: Rise Of An Empire. Now if your have been keeping up with the posts this week on Wizastudios then you know the movie had a great effect on inspiration lately.

300_Rise_of_an_Empire_Concept_Art_DS_Sparta_Training-680x252While doing research I figure I’d share the concept by artist Dean Sherriff for the film. Honestly concept art has been a love of mine since the days of H.R. Giger and Aliens. Even when Lord Of The Rings was released their drawn pencil work helped my own drawings improve with every line stroke.

Today we’re going to more in depth on Dean Sherriff’s concept art of the film. The thing I have to point out first is the tone. The color hues sets the mood for the film’s various moments. Now if you didn’t know color has a psychological effect such as red inspires passion & warmth. In the 300: Rise Of An Empire the color tone provides an epic feeling of danger and coldness again the Persian Invaders.

300_Rise_of_an_Empire_Concept_Art_DS_Camp_Wide-680x358 Blues, Grey’s, Reds and Oranges all reflect the tone of characters. Spartans always have the crimson red on their back. My only thought is perhaps this is to reflect they’re warriors ready for battle. The Spartans didn’t take much of the film time and I enjoyed this. The rest of the Greek tribes actually made themselves relivent against Xerces forces within this action packed film.

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