NYCC 2016 Survival Guide: Everything you need to know

NYCC 2016 Survival Guide: Everything you need to know

New Yorkers Be Ready

Well it is that time again. Once a year freaks in costumes cover the streets of New York with childish glee. No I’m not referring to Halloween; I’m referring to the New York Comic Con at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. During this time all forms of fans, geeks and nerds get together in a collective frenzy in expressing their fandom. There is more NYCC than just cosplay and comics. Allow me to express my tips and tricks to get around this event.

Blast From The Past

If you’re not familiar with this event during the 4 days of the NYCC every fan lines up outside the New York’s Javits center in hope to witness the latest comic con panels, collect exclusive memorabilia and meet their favorite celebrities from the big or small screen. In fact it’s almost a glass mad house full of passionate nerds much like a zombie film.

This wasn’t always the case. Once there was a time when the NYCC focused only on the core of comic book fandom. Illustrators in Artist Alley could share there work with fans earning extra income for passion projects. Young people could collect hard to find comics in a single location without security looking over your shoulder. New independent comics could be discovered in the halls of the event producing a whole new fan base of avid readers.


New York Comic Con Alien. Image provided by Flickr

Boom Bam Ticket Slam

In the past few years this all changed. In 2016 the event has expanded to other sources of entertainment beyond comics. Networks have taken hold of the event with their marketing vampirism spilling the blood of the NYCC’s original purpose.  They now take advantage of the crowds of people with lines to long to witness a single event. Panels these days require advance planning to properly schedule around hundreds of others interested in the same content.

In fact this year the NYCC changed it’s purchasing process with Personal Registration prior to a ticket purchase. I understand the reasoning behind this from the business stand point. Scalpers ruin purchases for the average attendee by charging almost 4 times as much for a pass. The sad part is the pass only gets you through the doors of the con. Once inside you have to wait with hundreds of people for access to the panels. Only early attendance will give a fan the fighting chance to see a panel. For me it was 7am at the doors last year.

Television fall shows such as The Walking Dead and Gotham seem to take over the main hall. Flocks of geeks and nerds wait for hours just in hopes to enter the main hall so they may see exclusive scenes. The NYCC is a fun once you have the opportunity to enter the hall but if you’re not that lucky they do allow a previews at the Queue Hall.

While Supplies Last

Due to my inability to attend this yea I decided to help out my fellow comic geeks out there I figured to put together a survival list of items to get on your journey to NYCC. From past experience these items will help in order to make your experience as easy as possible.

NYCC Survival Gear

  1. A Water Bottle – With the fountains being of poor quality it is best to have your own water. Purchasing water at the event is an option but paying $5 for 20oz or Poland Spring isn’t worth it to me.
  2. A Backpack – Between buying comics and merchandise a backpack is the best way to go when it comes to your purchases.  Keep mobile it key between panels or the convention floor.
  3.  Transport Tube – A tube will be your best friend with it comes to the posters and free swag. Everyone is promoting something and free posters seem to keep your hands full. So make the trip easier with a tube on your backpack.
  4. Running Sneakers – Unless you plan to cosplay that requires other footwear I highly recommend running sneakers. Personally I’m a fan of the Nike Air Max 95’s but any will do as long as they’re comfortable for 8-10 hours.
  5. Power Bank – There will be moments when you have to take a video or share a photo. That Smartphone will drain very fast with very few outlets near by. Best to have a power bank in order to charge on the go. I’ve had an Anker power bank for a few years now and they have proven to be great products when I need them. So buy one before your weekend starts.
  6. Tripod Stool – This one is recent. When you’re waiting on line after line waiting for a panel the hard ground floor starts to feel like death to your butt cheeks. Give your feet and bottom a break with a travel stool. They can easily be carried for a mobile seating arrangement.
  7.  Body Spray – Let’s admit it. Not everyone showers first thing before they leave. It’s sad to say that people at NYCC are an excellent example of this. So instead of being one the smelly fans making flowers die, get yourself a can of body spray. Even if that person isn’t you, you can still do you own justice by spraying their funk away.
  8. Lunch Bag – We all need to eat. Walking, running and screaming can make a nerd hungry. The food court has a few options but they can run a bit pricey. May I recommend an insulted lunch bag to keep your food warm or cold. Personally I buy a hero sandwich to last me throughout the day. One half at lunch and the other half before I leave. This keeps me from going hungry all day long between panels.

Last year I shared NYCC with fans and had a few positive responses. Sorry to say this year I will not be attending but I’d like the idea I can do this for more people in the future. My channel could use support with new subscribers. Contributions will help to produce better videos at other conventions so people like you can experience them more.

In Conclusion take a look at the video and give it a Like or Comment.

2015 NYCC Playlist

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