Dating Apps: The Swiping Swindle

Dating Apps: The Swiping Swindle

Dating For Millenials

Millennial, we heard the word used all over the media. An entire generation is growing up in the digital age leading our world into the 21st century. For this generation the access to technology is as common as every other basic human need. When you need something to you can just open an app for a delivery. If you need your pet walked for an hour you can just click an app to get a stranger to walk your four legged best friend for you. If you need awesome new clothing to appear trendy you can just click an app to get the clothes to your home. It seems these days our needs can be accessed by a simple press of a button for a whole generation.

Since this is the case then why not sex? That’s right, for the past few years a flood of dating apps have hit the market catering to the different types of people out there in hope of finding love or just a quick hanky panky. Today I’m going to discuss this app trend to raise the question. Do we really need dating apps?

Optional Loving

When you went on a date in the old days it was about meeting people and getting know who they are face to face. Generations of cultures have socially evolved to help men and women pick a potential mate. We were once thousands of humans on Earth with a need to have children for our tribe or community. After may years of hard work it appears we now have quick and easy app access to do the same thing. A person’s smart device could have multiple dating apps for all their desirable delights.

The earliest I can recall were the days of and E-Harmony. In the start they were just dating websites people can go to and hope for algorithms to place them with someone. For the most part this is pretty much the same method today but now it’s easier than ever thanks to mobile technology. A simple input of information and your love life is just a search away while you’re at lunch.

This process didn’t appeal to many during the early days. The idea of finding a date through the internet was seen with negative opinions. Now that has all changed thanks to apps such as Tinder, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish and more. People are easily swiping or liking based on these profiles during their down time in hopes for a get together.

Even the latest additions of the dating app scene Hinge, Happn and Bumble all add a new twist to an existing technology trend.

Nothing Is Perfect

As any business model there are flaws. If those flaws are planned or not is up the company’s goals. Each of these apps provide a service of looking for romance in an active digital world. The question that needs to be asked is if there are too many dating apps? Where to do we draw the line of the methods to discover romance?

Let’s take Bumble for example. In this dating app their gimmick is in the changing of method of connection. Typically men would engage a woman based on their interests. The change for Bumble is the fact the women are the one to begin the conversation first. Another add on is the fact they both have 24hrs to make a move or it will disappear. I have never personally used Bumble but the idea is sound for women willing to take charge in their love life.

The dangers of meeting a man can very stressful and risky if a person isn’t cautious about who the other person is. Just recently a woman in the UK used POF to meet a man in hopes of romance. Sadly the was beaten and raped on her date with the man after trusting him to meet. Does this mean we have given sexual predators easier access to victims?



In my opinion everyone is entitled to self happiness. If that happiness comes from a fated encounter or a simple swipe of the thumb, everyone should control their sex life as they see fit. My goal today is to bring awareness of what we have allowed based on our basic sexual needs. Has the digital dating scene about the hookup or just the latest form of snake oil tech swindlers have marketed to us.

The next time someone talks about a dating app take a look at it and ask. “How will this make a difference?”

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