Captain America: Civil War Week – Fan Friday

Captain America: Civil War Week – Fan Friday

Captain America: Fandom Friday

Today is the day. If you’re a fan such as myself you would have your Marvel shirt with either Captain America or Iron Man on with a reserved ticket stored on your phone. Now for whatever reason you haven’t been keeping up with Civil War Week then allow me to explain.

As a Marvel fan this whole week has been about the release of Captain America: Civil War. This is the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe launching us fans into the third phase of films.

As a fan my goal today is to make sure you’re going to the theater this weekend to see this epic movie. There has been a huge release of marketing of these ironic characters going head to head. Unlike BvS this has been a relationship built up over multiple movies with characters fans have come to enjoy.

In celebration of today’s release Wizastudios is going to share a collection of behind the scenes footage, interviews and the awesome red carpet premiere.

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Captain America: Civil War - Behind The Scenes

Tunnel Chase Featuette

Captain America: Civil War - Movie Review

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