Captain America: Civil War - Film Review

Captain America: Civil War Film Review

Hello MCU fans and nosy bodies. Allow me to introduce this post for those new to my blog. Wizastudios is a creative service with a love for all things scifi, fantasy, comics, gaming and tech. Like many of you my down time enjoys a good movie once in a while.

In light of this confession I have decided to begin my own film reviews within genres of these interest. If you are reading this far then you must share a similar my love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Today’s review will be about the much anticipated Captain America: Civil War. My other related posts will go into the hype of CACW from the motion to the fandom.

Many reviews already began before my post from more recognized critics out there. Instead I’m going to approach this as a regular Joe with a love for comic films.

If you are unfamiliar with Civil War then allow me to give a brief spoiler free explanation of the saga. In (date) Marvel release a series of comics which shook up the Marvel Universe. Basically, what happens when our heroes have different political views? What side do you take?

This thought forced Marvel and readers to see their favorites heroes in a new way. Each character has had different experiences impacting their choices. Those choices make them who they are. Regardless of loss, pride or duty the heroes in Civil War face difficult the hardest choices to date. In this story line that choice was over a registration act imposed by the government. This registration act required those with abilities to reveal their identities to protect the public.

Now the comics expanded on this Civil War story line with heroes fighting heroes. Some outside villains even took advantage of the divide within the universe. It was actually genius of the MCU production team to use this to launch the third phase of the new films.

In CACW we learn that no action is without consequences. In a similar story plot the Avengers begin a divide based on past actions. The governments of the world force their hands to make their choice with opposing side battling it out.

Without giving anything away allow me to say this. The movie is worth viewing for any fan of Marvel. The Russo brothers gave every kid who played with action figures a CGI adult version of playing with your toys.

Some new additions add to the epic scale of the battle. The introduction of Spider-Man and Black Panther was just perfect for the MCU expansion. Each of these characters added to the plot very well without overwhelming Captain America as the hero. When the film ends you will feel friendships change forever regardless if the outcome was good or the bad. From this point on loyalties will become questionable.


In my opinion I say watch this movie. Many superhero movies have been out in the past few years but we can see the Russo brothers have a knack for giving MCU lovers what they want. Some say this is to make up for Age of Ultron but to me it feels as a sequel. You can watch that movie with Captain America: Civil War to follow and nothing would feel lost or confusing.

If you have kids or wish to be a big fan boy/girl then press that fandango app. Take your kids out this weekend to see this picture. This movie was worth the IMAX ticket price.

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