Batman Vs Superman Review: Justice Not Served

Batman Vs Superman Review: Justice Not Served

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(Spoiler Alert: Some details of the film will be mentioned)

It has been 2 years since Zack Snyder gave us his vision of Superman in the Man of Steel. To some it was a film of failure with an excessive amount of destruction and a hero murdering a villain. To others it showed a portrayal of our heroes struggle of becoming a savior to an entire world. Now If you are a DC fan then you may have mixed feelings about Snyders latest film Batman Vs Superman. Critics have gone on the rampage of destroying the film with bad reviews. Even Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 30% rating of the film which is very low by their standards.  

Now I’m not one to listen to critics. There are times I believe their opinions to be based on some ego driven expectations rather than the joy of a film. So in this belief I have decided to give a comic fans perspective as well as a film lover review about this picture.


Gothams Punisher

Let me begin with the caped crusader himself, Batman. Our hero has been around with many changes over the decades since the early days of Detective Comics. Entire generations have grown up watching the Batman battling evil criminals and villains to make Gotham a better place for the innocent. He’s has been a beacon of justice with several films behind the characters origin, philosophy and violence to justify his heroism.

Now let us see Snyder’s film with the Dark Knight. This time the Batman we know and love isn’t holding nothing back for any one. Gone are the days of morality in this rendition of our hero. Bruce Wayne has had enough in BvS from 20 years of battles. Synder’s Batman will shoot first ask questions later just to get to his man.

Maybe Bruce Wayne picked up the Punisher’s rule book on crime to add to his gothy persona. My thought on this is “too soon” for such a Batman. The film hardly establishes why Bruce has decided to go all gung-ho except a couple references about the Joker. Ben Affleck was amazing as Batman with the potential to spin off into another film franchise. Fans are already familiar with his no killing morality for decades but the choice to make him a killer is questionable. Now Batman isn’t 100& innocent, I mean look at Tim Burton’s Batman where he killed as well. Snyder didn’t have to follow this take of brutality.

Super Complex


How about our other hero Superman. Ok Now I’ll admit that I didn’t think the Man Of Steel was a bad movie. I know people had problems with the destruction or the fact his even kills General Zod. To me these seem very minimal to complain about because with the context of the character these actions make sense. If you watch the cartoons then you have this bias interpretation of who Superman is with his moral code. As a person who has scene various version from Smallville, Superman: The Animated Series and Superman movies I’m one of these people as well. The only difference is I know of the character from the comics Snyder tries to bring to the screen as well.

In BvS Superman picking up where he left off. Dealing with his actions from the Metropolis aftermath, Superman has risen to a symbol of hope throughout the world. At the same time world is divided by the power he poses. Few are determined to see that power controlled while others aim to eliminate his power for good. As a drama this work very well, when is being a good guy a good thing? Many people have died or been injured by his actions and this is guilt weighting heavy on Clark Kent/Superman.

My thoughts on this are a bit bias but I think this should have been followed up more. There was a story within this theme that was barely touched in hopes to bring forth the Justice League. This was “too soon” because two of three heroes hardly had a chance to revolve their own drama and that would have been a better picture. Instead Superman appears more the victim by humanity rather than it’s hero.

Lex Complain

One of these figures of course is his classic arch nemesis Lex Luthor. Now I’ve loved Lex as a villain because while Superman is one of amazing strength, Lex is his counter part as a malicious genius. In my opinion Lex should be about evil master plan to destroy Superman but at the same time appearing to outwit the hero. The challenge Superman must always face must be to overcome this obstacle to injury Lex’s ego more than his body.

Once again in this version of the character they deviated from such an iconic villain. Instead we are given a “Zuckerberg Gone Mad” approach. While his plan was very evil his action throughout the film were left too mysterious. Once the epic heroes enter the picture Lex takes a back seat until the final act even though all of drama is caused by him.

Wonderful Woman


Oh Wonder Woman, I’ll admit when I heard Gal Gadot was casted I too was skeptical. Wonder Woman is a strong ironic female in the comic world. Her abilities can go one on one with may of the best DC can throw at her. Diana Prince posses the power of Gods in order to keep the world safe from various foes. To be sexy and powerful is not an easy task.

BvS showed us such a Wonder Woman. Now her role is very little in the picture as an assistant to the third act of the movie but when she same in all you wanted was more of her. Her speed and fighting style was perfect for such a hero as Wonder Woman to be. Zack Snyder has done very well with women in action movies with now WW added to his list.

To me, they played it safe with her and this was a good idea. The story moves around from one character to the next a little too much but with Diana Prince they kept her a mystery. As fans we all know who she is but once the reveal takes place in the picture all you wanted was more. I say she was introduced perfectly for a Wonder Woman franchise. It’s only up to Warner Bros to make sure they make her films for the fans.

Final Thoughts

Well I could go into this for a while but ultimately let me say this. If you’re a fan of the DC universe and know these character pretty well then you may enjoy Batman Vs Superman. The hardest part to digest from this picture are the multiple story lines all running within two and half hours of time. Personally I think the Justice League elements could have been more subtle because they took away from the main plot of the story. If they had focused it more on Batman and Superman’s philosophical beliefs they could have had a better film.

The critics have been giving this movie a really hard hit but I can tell you know that it’s not that bad of a film. If you are not that much of a DC Comics fan I would suggest to wait for the home video release. I quoted “too much” a few times here because in my opinion the film has a hard time adding too much information for a DC cinematic universe. Perhaps an exec at Warner Bros wanted all this in the movie, I don’t know and I don’t care. Even though the visuals are amazing to watch, this story could have been better with more edits to focus it more on two of the three heroes in the Justice League. The ending should have been a small set up for a Justice League with Batman or Wonder Woman introducing the possibility.

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