Star Wars Week Part 5 | Friday Leads To The Dark Side

Star Wars Week Part 5 | Friday Leads To The Dark Side

Do Or Do Not

Whoo Hoo, this is it fans. Today is the day of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and every geek, nerd, child and film buff is on line to ether watch or buy a ticket to the movie. Now I’m not going to get into the while reason when you need to see this film. Hell I just wrote a whole weeks worth of reasons.

Instead what I decided to do was show the fan who they are. Let the everyone from Youtube creators to meme makers show off their love for the franchise. Below I’ve added a collection of cool videos and posts I found this week. From one fan to another check them out and share your thoughts with me through social media.

My favorite sources are: Nerdist, Jeremy Jahns, Screen Junkies, CinemaSins and HISHE

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