Star Wars Week Part 3 | Wiza Wednesday

Star Wars Week Part 3 | Wiza Wednesday

Star Wars: A Lost Hope

In height of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens I wanted to take Wiza Wednesday to a different direction. This post is intended to be a personal view of the franchise to date based on experiences of watching the films and fandom in the realm of science fiction. In no way do my views promote piracy or harmful action toward any individuals. With that being said I want start by saying how much I want to KICK George Luca’s ass. Now I don’t know the man personally but my inner child has forever been violated from his actions when it comes to Star Wars episodes IV-VI.

In my eyes George Lucas is perhaps the luckiest director in cinema. In 1977 when Star Wars was released in its theatrical beauty sorry to say I wasn’t able to see the film since I didn’t exist yet. The following two film weren’t possible for me as well but I finally had the chance view the films when all were released on VHS. Growing up watching R2-D2 beep across my TV screen and Luke Skywalker mastering the force to defeat Vader was magical for an 80’s kid growing up.

Once I became older I discovered there were fans of Star Wars who hated the direction it went after The Empire Strikes Back. Some complained about the walking teddy bears used to sell to kids merchandise packaged as Ewoks. Others has issue with Luke and Leia being twin siblings and promoting some form of film incest. After hearing these issues I began to realize something. Did George Lucas really have a plan with Star Wars? 

Star-Wars-trilogyIn 1997 Lucas took it upon himself to alter one of the greatest trilogies ever printed on celluoid.  His reasoning was to restore the film from its original degrading prints to digital for fans to enjoy in years to come. What we didn’t know was that the Star Wars Special Edition was another one of Luca’s tricks. He was even bold enough to say he wanted to finish the film in the way it was meant to be. As if the trilogy generations grew up with was never good enough to him. The largest insult were the actual changes themselves. CGI characters, lost scenes and music were all added into the films to complete his so called vision. It turns out the fans weren’t happy by his ultimate vision after all. Once I saw these movies I discovered George Lucas had no plan for Star Wars from its conception. Later his prequels went further into my theory by repeating mistakes and adding a few sprinkles of new ones.  At the end we are left with 6 episodes of a reused mess fans have had to endure.

Thanks Harmy

If you haven’t figured it out yet. I am NOT a fan of George Luca when it came to his “improvements” on Star Wars. As one of thousands of fans out there in the world I too was disappointed by the unnecessary manipulations he performed on his own amazing trilogy. In the 2011 re-release on Star Wars to blu-ray many fans took them as another disappointment. Here was a high definition quality reminder of his mistakes repackaged for decades of entertainment.

Fans have had enough and decided to take it upon themselves to correct this mistakes for the version of Star Wars they enjoyed when they were kids . This collection of fans lead to the website where hardcore Star Wars fan gather together to put out the trilogy in an unaltered format.  With almost 18,000 members taking part on this endeavor they have collaborated to produce the Star Wars Despecialized Edition and share with the fans.

The man behind this collaboration was Petr Harmy. Using a huge variety of source material he collected from contributors he was able to recreate the whole trilogy in Blu-ray quality with the original Star Wars films. Now this wasn’t as easy tasks.  The 35mm, DVD, Blu-ray,Laser Disc and other sources were used to digitally reassemble the theatrical for blu-ray quality viewing.

My heart goes out to these people and would like to thank them for their hard efforts. Just because a company owns the right to a franchise doesn’t mean they should neglect their fans for financial gain. Lucas took it upon himself to remaster the trilogy to save the films for future generations but give the fans no say of it’s area improvement. The classic debate of “Han shot first” will always be an example of the anger fans have had to deal with since the 1997 remastered editions. This time the fans fired back with their the work and skill of professional film makers to recreate the version that we all should have gotten in 2011’s Blu-rays.


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