Star Wars Week: Part 2 The Crawl

Star Wars Week Part 2 | The Crawl

The Crawl Strikes Back

It’s day two of Star Wars week and what better than to talk about than the title sequence crawl. If you’re a Star Wars fan then you know this crawl very well. The best part is that it’s nothing new, in fact the crawl was a technique used in cinema as far back as the Flash Gorgon and Buck Rogers episode opening sequences. The style was George Luca’s homage to the scifi series of the early 30’s when the story was introduced to the audience in a vertical crawl of text.

Since the first Star Wars this crawl has been reused in every episode of the franchise since 1977. Originally released without an episode number or name in 1977 the audience had no clue of the direction of the movies. In 1981 the title Episode IV: A New Hope was added to the release after the 1980 sequel Episode V: The Empire Strike Back. Luca’s had 6 episodes planned but 20th Century FOX wasn’t sure of the success of the film to commit to more sequels before the release. Once they made their $79 million dollars from the first picture they had to consider it as a franchise film.


Ever since the first role of film was projected The Crawl has been iconic with Star Wars. The sequence always opens with the Star Wars logo flying into unknown space with John William’s epic score playing through the theater.  After the logo fades a  brief history of the story is explained to the audience as the set up for the plot. Following the setup from the crawl audiences are always introduced to a spaceship entering the frame moving towards a planet in the distance. What that ship contains only depends on the adventure ahead.

In 2015 we will get Star Wars: The Force Awaken by J.J. Abrams and my hopes will rise once The Crawl is featured for a whole new collection of films. Check out the video added for a comparison.

All Six Crawls

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