Star Wars Week: Part 1 - May The Motion Be With You

Star Wars Week Part 1| May The Motion Be With You

Artist Paul Johnson aka MightyOtaking created a short animation as a fan of both Star Wars and 80’s japanese anime. While is work isn’t anything new it’s actually in fact more a step backwards in his style of animation. Using modern computers to draw out the frames Paul has also applied different techniques for camera movement which would have been difficult back in the 80’s. His recreation of the Star Wars space battle is reminiscent of 80’s animation.

His short video itself takes place during the Battle of Endor as the Rebels attack the second Deathstar to prevents its completion. The two apposing fleets fly head to head on into a fire fight of epic scale. While the original film had it’s moments of the space battles, John took it further with details very smilier to anime’s like Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu or Uchuu Senkan Yamato. You can see imperial pilots taking to their Tie fighters in the heat of war. Crashing fighters and massive explosions captured in a way no one has seen in a Star Wars animation before.

Paul Johnson Interview

In an interview by Tom St. Clair and Zak Rahman with the artist Paul Johnson they discuss the original release of short film. After several laughs Paul walks through the project’s conception and music created for the animation. Watch the podcast as Paul mentions his unexpected response after millions of views.

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