Congratulations To The SVA Class of 2015

Congratulations To The SVA Class of 2015

This week Wizastudios took the time to visit a couple of school in New York City. These aren’t just any higher learning facilities. The schools I took a look at specialize in the digital & visual arts. Once being a student myself I decided to share the hard work of this generations accomplishments.

SVA Has A Lot To Say

The first destination was The School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan. When I first entered the campus the display was impressive. The SVA logo was dominate with every poster & pamphlet handed out. They even welcomed guess with mini cupcakes of joy.

When entering the second floor the halls were filled with the excitement of students & professors. Young Seniors and Juniors laughing by their individual stations sharing the past years hard work with friends, family & potential employers.


One of the amazing qualities of the school I discovered was each student made friends as well as team mates. One pair Seniors doing this was Thaddaeus & Nicholas. Their talents in animation & cinematography played to their strengths nicely in Take The Plunge.

The next couple were cute as well as talented. Amy and Christine in my opinion they did an amazing job in texturing and lighting their animations. The moods created on their reels gave a true professional feel. I have faith their Senior project is going to be amazing next year. Another pair who also did get and had just personality was Fransisco & Carmine. These guys totally have a creative bromance. Bonds such as these students have can make creative magic happen.

Keeping It REEL

The one thing I didn’t expect was the amazing staff at SVA. The teachers were very friendly to their students as well as the guess attending the exhibition. In fact (Richard) was willing to let me see the green screen room where the students get the leant about motion capture. He revealed to me the schools recent addition of the Oculus to their tech goodies.

The one thing that appealed to me was the after party. When all the projects were displayed and the students wanted to celebrate SVA provides an open bar & buffet for all willing bodies who attended. While at the location Stride I got to socialize with the students & staff for a better picture of their commitment to their craft. Any moment for free food and booze will draw a crowd.

In conclusion my experience with SVA was one to remember. Hopefully this will become one of many exhibitions and events Wizastudios attends. Hell maybe there will be a few students to recruit for our future film projects.

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