Codepen Meetup at tumblr 2015

Codepen Meetup at tumblr 2015

It's code outside

When I first studied web design the tool at the time was Dreamweaver. Now owned by Adobe this tool allowed students such as myself to experience HTML for the first time. Also new on the scene was the styling language of CSS and BOY WAS IT FUN. We discovered that CSS opened a new world into allowing web designers and developers an easier method of coding to create stunning visuals.

What we didn’t know at the time was everything was spiral quickly. Mobile technology a couple years later would open up a whole new world of development. CSS went from the new kid on the block to becoming the grand-dad of coding languages in 2015.

Changing the script

Now we are in the different ecosystem of technology. Mobile and wearable tech are all around us embedded into our every day lives. While we sit there thumb scrolling to see a new music video or read about celebrities attacking football coaches there are men and women sitting for hours at laptops clicking away to make it happen.

Each coder has their own method of working with personal gear unique to their development style. Some may have custom laptops, some may hand out free stickers or some might even create events to share with others in the coding community.

These men and women make the technology happen.

Sitting at the Codepen

If you’re one of these coder hammering at buttons all day long then you may have come across Codepen during your development. If not then let me explain this tool for a moment. Codepen is an open source front end development tool which allows collaborations and feedback within it’s community. Popular websites such as twitter and tumblr have front end developers using their creative ideas within this tool to bring us the next best user experience.

Codepen allows you to sign up for a free account and code HTML, CSS and Javascript all within a browser window. This is amazing for developers who hate to buy expensive software and worry about taking it any place they go.

Personally I’ve begun to use the tool and enjoy the freedom or sharing codes with my friends.

Yesterday I decided to attend Codepen’s 2015 meetup at tumblr’s New York headquarters. While I was there the crowd of eager young coders stuffing their faces with free pizza and beer was amazing. Everyone was willing to share their ideas of coded interactivity from Codepen’s website under their personal accounts. In the video above I captured some of the best coded elements.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a few people from tumblr who were also excited to have Codepen present. It was actually clever for both brands because tumblr was able to draw in new recruits and see what their talents were. It reminded me a bit of my visit to San Francisco when groups of people with laptops walks the streets on their way to billion dollar companies while in t-shirts and designer messenger bags.

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