V Series – We are of peace, always

V Series – We are of peace, always

“We Are Of Peace, Always”

Those chilling words of the V leader Anna always left fans wanting more. Today we will look at the short lived 2009 V Series from ABC.

When this was annoyed fans of the 80’s series were excited as hell. The original series was short lived as well but developed a huge cult following over the years. The first moment you saw Diana eating a mouse you have to say “Ewww” to your TV screen.

The 2009 series gave everyone hope for an updated, visual effects loaded new show. The show was off to a good start with a 4 part mini-series which lead to a full season. The problem was that they took too long to make a season. People who weren’t exposed to the original only saw a rip off of Independence Day when the truth was ID4 ripped off “V”.

It maybe hard to find a copy now but I believe it’s availble to purchase on iTunes & Amazon. For TBT I wanted to share my love for this show even thou it was short. This week I will have a marathon of the 2009 V Series and watch creepy lizards making fake promises while boning humans (yeah that happened)

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Watch the trailer below & share with your friends.

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