The Collection Title Sequence

The Collection Title Sequence

When It Began

In 2012 my experience in Motion Design was very little. I had little access to the information needed to design anything in the field or even a client who would give me a chance. During the Spring of that year a friend at Zoomunkie recommended me for a shot at a Title Sequence. I knew very little about Title Sequences at the time but I always found them interesting when watching films. I figured this was a chance to give my Motion Design legs some breathing room. I figured why not give it a try and get a new project under my belt.


When I received the details about the picture from my client she told me it was an independent horror film based out of California called The Collection. Excited and motivated I spend a whole week researching horror film Title Sequences.

The main film that inspired me was Se7en starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The opening sequence had this stranger shaky type that seemed to appear scratched into the picture. After days of research I decided to based the design on this film but with a few changes.

Working The Middle

Once I had my intent of design I retrieved the materials needed for the Title Sequence. A pre-edited sequence was delivered to me with a typeface chosen by the client. Using a full list of Cast & Crew I was ready to start up my After Effects & create the treatment. Days in I learned about Pre-Composition layers and Wiggle expressions.  Looking back at it now if only I had Video Copilot’s Twitch product the process would have been way faster.

Every group of text had to be manually wiggled to create the Se7en effect. The only different was I added an opacity change and a custom ghosting effect to allow the text to disappear after its reveal. This made the client very happy once the placement of the names were to their liking.

The Surprise

After weeks of work the client requested a 2K resolution file. Personally my iMac was a few year old and didn’t have the power to render out a 2K video file from After Effects. The only solution was to provide them the composition and render the video themselves. I  collected my check relieved I had my first Motion Design project completed.

Months later I’m at work doing the usual 9 to 5 thing to see an add for a trailer. The ad had animation in it with content that looked very familiar. When I went to the website to see the trailer I discovered the movie was named The Collection. Confused by this as first I reached out to my contact from the project to find out if it was the same picture.  Sure enough she was working with an independent hollywood movie based on a sequel featured film.

Needless to say I was in total shock. I did the work based on my free time but if I had known what I knew now I would have spent more time and gotten way more money for it. The experience was good enough to get my interest started in Title Design. Even till this day I look at films in a new appreciation of the hard work put into something that less that 2 minute on screen. With all the tools available on the web that didn’t exist when I was in college, I now have a goal in mind of Wizastudios’ direction.

So Watch the Film & Support Our Goal

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